Genesys Resonant Active Tunable Antenna

Our antenna system is one of a kind and offers several advantages over standard antenna systems.

  • Significant reduction in received/transmitted intermodulation and harmonics
  • Immunitity to jamming and spoofing
  • Dynamically tunable over a wide bandwidth on one antenna
  • Less than one fourth the size of traditional antennas on the same wavelength
  • Truly omnidirectional trasmission
  • Greater power efficiency

On this page is a video of an in house demonstration of our antenna system. A full report of this test can be found here.

Bringing Internet Connectivity to Remote Regions

"Broadband internet access is viewed as essential infrastructure for participating in today's economy, as it enables citizens, businesses and institutions to access information, services and opportunities that could otherwise be out of reach."

In northern Ontario, Canada a significant number of communities are too isolated to be connected to traditional internet networks.

The GENESYS Pilot Project will provide connection link between the ISP's network located in Kenora and the Grassy Narrows local WiFi network.