Gas & Oil Pipeline Monitoring

  • Our drone technologies are able to autonomously monitor large areas of land while carrying an assortment of customizable sensors and cameras
  • Use cases include: gas and oil pipeline monitoring, land surveying
  • The drones seamlessly pair with our antenna network solutions to provide connection to your datacenter across entire countries
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Rural Connectivity

Many developing nations and even rural areas in large countries do not have reliable internet access. All existing cable and wireless solutions are too expensive to be feasible in low population density areas and are not effective in covering large areas with few nodes. Genesys's wireless mesh networks can provide substatially better range and efficiency meaning that we can cover entire countries quickly and at a low cost.

We are currently working with many governments to build networks that would provide internet access to all their citizens. See below for a list of countries we are currently working with:

Previous Work

  • Genesys is actively pursuing government contracts and has to date been awarded countless contracts each valued at several million dollars
  • We frequently partner with other companies. We have partnered with General Dynamics on some of our antenna systems projects in which we played an active design role.