Government Contracting and Project Procurement

Genesys Technologies is an actively growing company that provides specialty equipment, technologies and services under international contracting opportunities, including direct sales various government agencies. Today the international marketplace offers substantial prospects for U.S. firms in the business of selling technology-based products and services, and Genesys is a proud member of the community of suppliers supporting U.S. and coalition activities around the world.

National Spectrum Consortium Member

Genesys is a proud member of the NSC, a U.S. government supported organization for solving military and commercial issues with spectrum access.

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FCC Comments for Improving Receiver Performance

Genesys recently submitted comments to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) before the FCC. This white paper covers our view on many issues such as interference and wireless regulation. Additionally, it shows how Genesys technology can greatly improve many of the current challenges faced by the FCC. Genesys has been greatly involved in developing new regulations and standards for major issues in wireless technologies that only a handful of other companies are getting involved in and have the expertise to contribute as Genesys can contribute.

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FirstNET Antenna Systems RFI

FirstNET is a government system being developed for providing a reliable communication network for first responders during disaster times. During such criticial times, conventional forms of communication can become flooding and unusable in conveying time critical information. Genesys submitted a proposal to the government offering their unique antenna system as a solution. This system, if accepted, has the potential to provide first responders with a significant improvement in communications be allowing a better use of the wireless spectrum with interruptions.

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