Electrical Power Supply Projects

One of the most developed fields of our activity is the procurement of power generating equipment (especially diesel generators) for Coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. The main manufacturer of such equipment is Turkey. Her modern and developed industry and closeness to the Theatre of military actions makes her products compatible with the best of this kind in the world. The range of procured diesel generators is very wide and covers portable 5 kW generators, stationary and trailer-mounted, weather-proofed and noiseless generators 10 – 275 kVA. Our projects also include procurement of GPUs (Ground Power Units) for airbases in this area, as well. A sufficient part of our projects is dedicated to reconstruction of electrical power grids in Iraq including procurement of high voltage transformers and switchgear for re-constructed substations, for example, substations in Al Asad, Al Anbar, Areebel, procurement of overhead line supports for Electrical Power Transmission Lines in Iraq and Afghanistan etc. Another special area of Genesys Limited’s interest is Electrical Power Supplies in new countries of the former USSR namely Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. We have taken part in tenders for high voltage power transmission lines in Georgia connected with analogous lines of Armenia and Azerbaijan on one hand and with the Electrical Power Supply System of Turkey on the other hand. We participated in tenders for 500 kV Overhead Power Transmission Line from Datka to Kermen in Kyrgyzstan which should connect the Northern reach of energy part of the country with its Southern part which always suffered from Electrical Energy shortage. Both of the Electrical Power Transmission lines, the one in Caucasus as well as that in Kyrgyzstan, can be used as a new source of Electrical Power for civilian and military customers in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as for Turkish and Pakistani customers. We are currently planning to make our contribution to the realization of these opportunities in the near future.